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We have some exciting news for our Crewlaia followers, that have quicked off 2021. Receiving a last-minute invitation to participate at New York Fashion Week for Flying Solo. One can only dream of an opportunity like this, as a fashion brand based in Portugal. As the news came in, there was a lot of excitement to begin and a lot of questions that followed, considering the show is happening and in less than 1 week from now.  

Flying Solo, a fashion retail company— cofounded by Elizabeth ­Solomeina, a designer herself who built this company with the philosophy of “collaborating instead of competing” and was able to make all other designers of the industry her collaborators instead of competitors. I find this philosophy of unity quite inspiring, allowing designers like myself and brands from a small town, Ericeira, in Portugal to be seen by mainstream press names, buyers and influencers in the fashion industry. Flying Solo is currently the biggest show at NYFW, composed of over 70 designers to which Kalaia is proudly part of. Visit to know more about Flying Solo. 

The show will take place on February 13th in New York and it will be streamed on flying solo Instagram @flyingsolonyc and full video will be posted on Fashion Week Online, FF Channel and Fashion Channel.   Kalaia’s participation in the show will consist of 8 looks  of swimwear and sportswear. It will be composed of some Kalaia’s iconic swimwear pieces, and a first look at the new sportswear collection, with some exciting new cuts to which we can’t wait to know your thoughts about.   As follower of the brand and our blog, here is an inside scoop of the first look of the runway, which will forever be one of Kalaia’s most memorable looks.

As a designer I would have loved to be present at the show, and get to meet its founders along with other designers, models, creative directors and the guests who will be attending. But thankfully Flying solo have made arrangement for a personal assistant for all international designers who can’t attend to assist via zoom with the styling and organising of the 8 looks making it as present as possible. What would we do without technology these days. Looking back at Kalaia’s first fashion show, being the launch of the brand, which consisted of 20 girls making Lisbon’s iconic square their runway with a beatbox on their shoulders with no permissions to do so, then we can say, we’ve come a long way. Nevertheless, that same irreverent spirit persists, on a new runway and a little further than home.   We can’t wait for our debut at NYFW 2021 and share Kalaia’s design to you and to the world and see what unravels with it.