Where is your bikini taking
you this winter?

Let’s take a look what can warm your booties & soul this winter.



We’ve got a few options - now it only depends how high you’re willing to go.
What if you start with our feet on the ground in one of those old school vans you’ve seen all over Instagram.
Where? Why not go down the south the Moroccan coast.
Pack up those summer loved bikinis & swimsuits and off you go, because you know there’s nothing like a road trip with no destiny to give summer a run for its sunshine.

Cliff jumping

But what if you want to get a little bit higher this season?
We see right through you … a little height never scared the wild ones they say.
So what do you say to going up the rocky coastal beauties in Cyprus ….. and jump!
Yes, jumping into crystal clear fresh water at 22ºC. Now it’s up to you how high you want
to go, and if you’re after a challenge
try going head first.

Cliff jumping Cyprus
safari baloon Kenya

Hot is an understatement

We haven't gone high enough? Then let’s go as high as we can go in our tiny swimwear, because girl our next winter adventure is going to be HOT! Did we mention hot air balloon safari in Kenya? Did you ever imagine seeing hippopotamus and lionesses or  elephants and the giraffes with a 180º spin. Winter will outdo summer on this one.

Just reading this made your heartbeat rise? Ours did too. So where will we be seeing you? Do you have a swimwear to match the adventure because we might just have what you need what’s next?